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Is Suggi-Oota Vegetarian Restaurant?

  • Yes 100%

Is Suggi-Oota Dine-In Restaurant

  • No, Suggi-Oota is only Take-away restaurant. How ever Ruff food pickup provides some chairs and tables to have food on premises.​

Why ordering feels complex from Suggi Oota 

  • Suggi Oota offers daily changing small menu which keeps rotating for every 2 weeks.​

  • You can pre-order multiple menus on same/different days of the week. Traditional delivery apps/restaurant websites does not this feature.

Does Suggi-Oota provide delivery service?

  • We offer delivery service via Lemon-Hat app across bay area for our weekday menu. Visit the link for more details: Help

  • We are also available for delivery via Uber-eats, Door-Dash and GrubHub apps for Weekdays.

  • Our week end offerings are only Pre-order and Pickups for now.

Do we provide catering? Do we have catering Menu?

  • Yes, we do. As every one's requirements are different we can't offer standard menu. Please call us on 669-224-0833 to discuss details.

When do we take pre-orders?

  • For Weekdays we take pre-order on the previous day of the week. Click Here

  • For Saturday specials we start accepting pre-orders from Wednesday of that week. Its gets SOLD OUT quickly. Click Here

  • Sunday Brunch menu we start accepting pre-orders from Friday evening. Click Here or Click Here

Do we offer Post-natal food & where is the menu?

  • Yes we do offer Post-natal dietary vegetarian food.

  • As it depends on individual's choice there is no standard menu, Pls call us for more details.

What is week-1,2,3,4,5 & 6 on your menu?

  • They represent week of the Month.

  • Some months spread across 6 weeks.

  • Some times the week menu gets flipped, the logic is simple, it keeps changing every week. No two weeks will have same menu.

  • If you have better way to name the menu, let us know. :-)


949 Ruff Dr,

San Jose, CA 95110


Tuesday - Friday 10am - 8pm

​​Saturday 11am - 2pm

​Sunday 11am - 2pm